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Mount Pleasant Inn, Dawlish Warren

Mount Pleasant Road

Dawlish Warren



Date of visit - March 2023

Our rating:

As a restaurant - 3.5/5

As a pub - 5/5

Keira's rating: 4/5

We visited this pub when we stayed at Lady’s Mile Holday Park (see review here). It was the perfect halfway stop on our (steep) walk back up to the park from Dawlish Warren.

The first day we stopped for a drink and was absolutely blown away by the view from the restaurant window! There is a long, picture window right the way across the back of the pub with views that stretch for miles along the coast and look down onto Dawlish Warren. It was simply breathtaking and i could have sat there all day (with a non stop flow of red wine!).

The interior of the pub was very quaint but the restaurant seating was a little dated, but to be honest, you barely notice this as the view just keeps you entranced! We decided to book a table for the following day, Sunday lunch, and definitely requested a window seat!

The food was a little disappointing, nothing so bad as to make us complain but was just a bit lacklustre and not very tasty. We both had the roast dinner and it was average, in my opinion. Their prices whilst not extortionate, are not overly cheap either, the roast dinner was £12.95 but most main courses were heading towards the £15 mark (£14.95 for a lasagne), so I would have expected a bit more for this price.

Dog friendliness- very dog friendly, were happy to provide water for Keira and she got a LOT of attention! Also, her Brindle & Bramble collar and lead seemed to match the carpet!

Would we go back? I would definitely go back, but probably just to drink and take in the view. Whilst the food wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t good enough that I’d want to pay for it again!

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